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Misty Copeland Q&A

1. Favourite piece of non-ballet clothing you own?

- Leather Jacket


- It's classic and timeless

2. Go-to coffee order.

- Matcha Green Tea Latte

3. Favourite cafe?☕️

- Beechers in NYC

4. If you could sit down to drinks/dinner with one person living or dead who would it be and why?

- Dave Chapelle. I'm often asked this question often and my answer has evolved over time. But I think Dave's voice is so important right now. He's a friend of mine, but I'd love to have a drink with him now in particular, because this moment we're in is so critical for black people.

5. Do you have any skills or surprising talents? (aside from ballet obviously)

- Cooking and baking! I love to find whatever ingredients are available in my house and try to make a really great meal with it. It's a fun artistic challenge.

6. Most interesting/enjoyable/surprising place you’ve danced?

- In Prince's home in Hollywood during a photoshoot for his upcoming American Tour.

7. Best meal you’ve ever had?

- Japanese food, chef's choice

Where was it?

- A tiny bar/restaurant in Tokyo that only seated 10 people. But not the fancy kind you wait years to get a reservation to, but the kind of place only locals know about that's super casual.

8. Did you ever consider a completely different career?

- not before I danced, but I thought about stopping dancing a couple of times.

If so what?

- Chef

Would you want to study something?

- Culinary School

9. Last thing you read.

- Homegoing by Yah Gyasi

10. Last series you binged.

- Twenties

11. Last time you were totally starstruck.

- President Obama

12. 3 Instagram accounts you’re really inspired/interested in right now?

- @blackirisproject @beautifuldestinations @donte.colley @sleepingongems

Why? (This is in your opinion. Could be celebrity, world leader, dancer, brand, influencers)

- I chose four... lol, Inspiring, aspirational, beauty, motivating and dope!

13. Favourite meal:

- Crab legs in a lemon butter sauce

14. Favourite place on earth:

- A beach anywhere

15. Favourite animal:

- Dog

16. Favourite emoji:

- 🐵

17. Favourite make-up brand:

- Makeup Forever and MAC

18. Favourite Leotard:

- A REALLY old Yumiko halter Leo

19. What are your favourite your pre/post show foods?

- My diet never changes, performance or not, but after show my favorite go to is a glass of Prosecco.

20. Best day of your dancing career?

- The day I made my Firebird debut in NYC to a sold out audience of black and brown people at the Metropolitan Opera House

21. What was the best advice you ever received in life?

- Not to let other peoples words define me.

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