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Jeanette Kakareka Q&A

Soloist with Bayerisches Staatsballett and founder of 'Ballerina & Home'

"I strongly agree that with the responsibility of living, breathing art, we also need to reevaluate what it is we're saying with what we present on our stages. "

Name: Jeanette Kakareka

Training: The Rock School and San Francisco Ballet School

Current Company: Bayerisches Staatsballett

Quick Fire Questions 🔥

Favourite food: I love cooking and eating Chinese food

Favourite place on earth: home with my fiancé and cat

Favourite animal: Cuttlefish

Favourite emoji: 😊

Favourite make-up brand: I don't have one

Favourite Leotard: that's hard to choose, but I particularly love my Dellalo Milano, Cloud & Victory, and Ryna Accessorize Your Movement leotards.

Tell us about your pointe shoes?

I used to wear O Maker from Freed for years but he retired, so I've been going through a lot of trials. It's looking like it'll be either Z or Treble Clef.

Last thing you read?

I just got finished reading Phil Chan's Final Bow for Yellowface, which has wonderful insight into a much needed conversation in our community. Ballet desperately needs to be appealing to a larger and more sustainable audience, and to do that, everyone needs to feel represented and at the table. I strongly agree that with the responsibility of living, breathing art, we also need to reevaluate what it is we're saying with what we present on our stages. Exoticising cultures as "other" is not relevant to our 21st century world and truly adds nothing either. I really suggest anyone in the ballet or theatre world reading this book because what's discussed is applicable to so many aspects of what we do... Which should be about making good art!

What are your favourite your pre/post show foods?

I love fruit and nuts before shows (also coffee, but that's not food) then some serious carb and protein after shows.

Did you ever consider another career?

When I was little I wanted to be a veterinarian or a writer because I loved animals and creative writing. And, well, I do write now on my blog! (link below)

Who really inspired you? (Family, teacher, celebrity ect)

A lot of my motivation and inspiration comes from my fiancé, actually. We've made a lot of career choices together such as moving to Munich, and he really helps put things in perspective. He keeps me looking towards the future and not worrying about the past.

What was the best advice you ever received?

I don't think just one piece of advice meant more to me more than others. Many people have helped me and said things in unique ways that then resonated with me.

What was the best day of your dancing career?

There's definitely not just one! Many of my favourite moments have been onstage, but sometimes they've been moments I've shared with friends off stage as well. This career has brought me many beautiful things beyond just dancing, although that is a big part of it of course.

Have you given thought to want to do after you finish dancing?

I'm not sure yet. For a long time, I wanted to do some kind of desk job, or preferably something in therapy (nothing to do with dance). But I've been reevaluating recently, and I'm thinking I might instead look into teaching gyrotonics since it's something I love to do already and I believe to be good for many different people, not only dancers. 

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Insta : @jeanettekakareka

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