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Xander Parish Q&A

Principle Dancer at the Mariinsky Theatre, Russia

Honorary Dr from the University of Hull

… Oh, and he has an OBE!

(I'm actually in a couple of these! 10pts if you find me!)

So lets start...

Favourite piece of non-ballet Clothing?

A few years ago I danced a charity performance in Hong Kong and while I was there I was given the chance to have a tuxedo tailored to me. It fits like a glove and I always love wearing it!

Go-to coffee order?

I don’t drink much coffee but if was to get a coffee it would be a very milky latte. I often just get steamed milk which I love.

One person you’d love to sit down and have a drink with.

Ian Fleming, firstly because I am Bond fan but also because I’d love to hear first hand his own incredible stories from his time in British Naval Intelligence which inspired a lot of his Bond writings.

Favourite place on Earth?

Many different places for many different reasons but I always love being home at my family’s home.

Favourite animals?

I'm a cat person.

Favourite Emoji?

😎 ( So shady Xander! )

Go-to pre/post show meal?

Sometimes a bowl of porridge is ideal before a show to sustain energy. Afterwards I like something light usually and loads of water.

Any Secret Talents?

I have a passion for photography and work a lot with black and white film to shoot backstage.

( Xander actually has an insta photography account called @lifeinrussianballet that explores the backstage life of the Mariinsky. I've added a link below! )

The most surprising/enjoyable/unique place you’ve danced?

Four years ago I had the chance to present a couple of gala concerts at two luxury hotels in the Maldives. It was a phenomenal experience and every meal we had that was fantastic too!

What would you have wanted to be is not a dancer?

When I was a boy I had aspirations of becoming a professional cricketer. I’d rather pursue something I enjoy doing than go to study something new.

Last thing you Read?

I try to read a few chapters of the bible each day. The last thing I read other than that was The Brothers Karamazov the last time I was on vacation.

Last series you binged?

Mrs Maisel on Netflix

Instagram accounts you’re really feeling right now?

I just flick through my feed and enjoy what I see. I don’t get fixated by particular accounts. I always enjoy @cloudandvictory’s hilarious posts as humour is always welcome.

Best piece of advice you were ever given?

Never compare yourself to anyone else. Each person has his or her unique journey. Success is a journey not a destination so enjoy the ride!

Every day is a blessing)

To follow Xander...

Instagram : @_xander

Photography Account: @lifeinrussianballet

To follow Ballet Skirts By Lucinda ...

Insta: @balletskirts_by_lucinda

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