Festive SABs - Velvet

Festive SABs - Velvet

Cute and Christmassy, Sassy and Stylish, these 'Festive SABs' make the perfect Christmas Presents. 


Now add a bit of Sparkle! 

In a special collaboration with Floral Buns Co, we have created a limited number of fun and Festive bun garlands complete your look for the big day! 


Shown above in 

1st Picture

  1. Forest Green Smooth
  2. Snow White Smooth
  3. Pearl Grey Smooth
  4. Garnet Smooth


2nd Picture

  1. Emerald Crush
  2. Snow White Crush
  3. Pearl Grey Crush
  4. Ruby Crush


Our skirts can be hand washed with conditioner.

Once washed, shake and hang out to dry, warm iron with cloth if needed.

Bun Garland