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RBC Wrap Drama Skirt

RBC Wrap Drama Skirt

Designed for Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, our black medium weight wrap-over drama skirt adds just the right amount of drape to create those dramatic lines needed for theatrical work.


Your drama skirt can be made from either  a medium weight wool mix or a polycotton mix.


 Wool mix versus polycotton mix - There is an argument for both!


When making garments with wool there are usually other things to take into accout, the main one that will come up is how to wash it.  Generally speaking wools should either be dry cleaned or  hand washed gently with cool water.   Wool blends have lower environmental impacts than pure synthetic fabrics, as they use less energy, water, and chemicals in their production and care.  Medium weight wool mix fabric generally have more drape and movement to them making them suitable for garments.


Polyester cotton mix fabrics are more economical and easy to look after.  You can wash them in the washing machine at 30 degrees and with a little iron they will bre ready to wear the next day.  However they tend to be slightly less breathable than more natural based fabrics.  This can make them feel a bit hot to wear sometimes.  Polycotton mix has a good drape but is not perhaps quite as good as the wool mix fabrics and is not as luxurious.


Our skirts are available in small, medium and large.

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