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Emily Suzuki Q&A

Artist at English National Ballet and Emerging Dancer Finalist 2020 *

Name: Emily Suzuki

Age: 23

Training: English National Ballet School

Favourite Emoji: 🌸 Cherry Blossom

Favourite Foods: Chocolate and Almond butter 🍫

Favourite place: Japan

Favourite Makeup: YSL

Favourite Leotard: Long sleeved leotards

Favourite animal: Dog (preferably Luna, our new puppy!)

What pointe shoes do you wear?

I wear FREED Castle mark pointe shoes

Did you ever consider another career?

Yes I did, I was thinking if my job go well, I wanted to be a model.

( Just look at Emily's photos, we think she defiantly could make it as a runway model!)

What are your go-to pre/post show treats?

I like to have some fruit and cereal (energy) bars pre show. And I like some easy protein meals and a bit of chocolate for post show!! Who are your biggest Inspirations? (Family, teachers, celebrities)

My Mum, Hisato Taguchi (a Japanese writer), and my old ballet school teachers

What was the best advice anyone ever gave you?

“Just keep doing, you never know how much you can push yourself into maximum.” “Don’t be scared and think of much harder times which brought you all the way to where you now.”

“Less is more”

What was the best day of your career so far?

When I danced the chosen one for The rite of spring in the Sadlers Wells Theatre. The last summer performance with ENB school and graduation!

Have you ever thought about what you will want to do after dancing?

I want to make my own brand of ballet wear, swim suits!

* Check out all the details to tune in and watch ENBs Emerging Dancer 2020 live on the 22nd of September.

To follow Emily...

Instagram : @Emily_suzuki_

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