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Poppy Red

Poppy Red

Our 16” Aurora skirt shown here in Poppy Red with luxurious velvet ties as standard and available in all lengths.


Designed to flatter by creating a long flowing leg line, this gorgeous, draping design is perfect for any occasion.


All tapered skirts are available in the following lengths: 11", 13", 15", 16", 19, 21", 24".


Whatever fabric you choose, we always match the wrap skirt ties with the most dominant colour. If you would like something specific, please leave a note in the ‘Fabric’ field when ordering.



SLIM cut is standard on 11" and 13" skirts.

REG cut is standard on 16", 19", 21" and 24" skirts.


However, due to popular demand, now we are offering our 16” and 19” skirts in our SLIM cut too.(Just send us a message with your request when ordering.)


REGULAR vs SLIM CUT - What’s the difference?


REGULAR CUT - Our classic design.

• The regular cut employs a generous amount of fabric, intended to create layers of lovely ripples to catch the air as you move.

• It has been carefully shaped to keep all the *important areas* covered whilst you move.


• Ideal for women with a more hourglass shape and greater hip to waist ratio ⌛️ AND for those who want lots of lovely, billowy ripples in their skirt.


SLIM CUT - Our returning guest. 🤩

• The slim cut is shaped flatly across the front and floatier at the back.

• Younger dancers often prefer the slim cut.

• Teachers love it too as it allows a clear view of placement and alignment. Nowhere to hide!

• Designed for more athletic looking ballerinas with a straighter figure and less of a waist to hip ratio.


If this fabric is not your thing then choose this skirt in any alternate fabrics on our 'Fabrics' Page - With over 400 fabrics to choose from, you can design your dream skirt down to the smallest detail.


For ALL other sizes or lengths, email us. Remember we ‘make to order', so if you would like anything other than what you see, you can contact us and create your own something special.

16" Short Skirt

  • Skirt is very slightly higher at the front than the back.
  • Skirt tapers at the back at about 16" to give an elegant line. 
  • The fabrics are designed to move and flow with you and so we use only the best quality GEORGETTES, VELVETS and CHIFFONS to achieve this.
  • The hems of the skirts are beautifully over-locked in threads that match the ribbons. You may request to have a specific colour of ribbon/elastic if you desire.


  • Satin Ribbon: High quality Berrisford or Shindo ribbon, which elegantly ties and tumbles down at the back. It will not fray, stretch or knot at the first instance like many on the market!
  • Elastic: Our comfortable elastic comes in multiple colours and shades to match every skirt and will assure that your skirt stays in place and won't move around while you're dancing. This is especially good for partnering work.
  • Velvet Elastic: This is our most luxurious tie. It goes especially well with our 'Burnout chiffons' (Check fabric page) which all feature velvet in their designs.

We do not sell any 'one size fits all' skirts because everyone has different sized waists and if the skirt crosses over too much you get caught up in it and if it doesn't cross over enough then you feel somewhat under dressed!


The sizing of our wrap ballet skirts are determined by the width on the waist and allows for an approximate 7" cross-over, so if you prefer more of a crossover then opt for the next size up. 

The UK sizes are based on the most common store dress size measurements and are as follows:

Size Chart (UK)

20-21" = Size 2 

 21-23"  = Size 4   

23-25" = Size 6   

25-27" = Size 8

27-29" = Size 10 

29-31" = Size 12 

31-33" = Size 14

and so on...

We want you to be completely happy with your purchase, so please let me know if you feel otherwise and I will always ensure to get the right skirt for you and I promise to answer back the same day !

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