19" Gamzatti Design

19" Gamzatti Design

Elegant, sophisticated, classic..... Our 19" 'Classic' skirt is that and so much more!!Our handcrafted skirts are designed to flatter any figure by lengthening the lines with a simple clean cut.  Alternative lengths and colours available please leave a note with your order.  Choose from any of our 400 fabrics to make up your dream skirt

19" Classic Skirt

  • Skirt is slightly higher at the front than the back.
  • Skirt tapers at the back at about 19" to give an elegant line. (Length can vary slightly due to the stretch of the fabric)
  • Our fabrics are designed to move and flow with you and so we use only the best quality chiffons and georgettes.
  • The hems of the skirts are beautifully over-locked in threads that match the ribbons.


  • Satin Ribbon: High quality Berrisford or Shindo ribbon, which elegantly ties and tumbles down at the back. It will not fray, stretch or knot at the first instance like many on the market!
  • Elastic: Our comfortable elastic comes in multiple colours and shades to match every skirt and will assure that your skirt stays in place and won't move around while you're dancing. This is especially good for partnering work.
  • Velvet Elastic: This is our most luxurious tie. It goes especially well with our 'Burnout chiffons' (Check fabric page) which all feature velvet in their designs.

We do not sell any 'one size fits all' skirts because everyone has different sized waists and if the skirt crosses over too much you get caught up in it and if it doesn't cross over enough then you feel somewhat under dressed!


The sizing of our wrap around ballet skirts are determined by the width on the waist and allows for an approximate 7" cross-over, if you require more crossover then opt for the next size up.

The UK sizes are based on the most common store dress size measurements and are as follows:

Size 2 20-21"  Size 4 22-23"  Size 6 24-25"

Size 8 26-27"  Size 10 28-29"  Size 12 30-31" and so on...

Our handcrafted skirts are designed to flatter any figure by lengthening the lines with a simple, clean cut and minimum flare.

Waist tie made of ...