23" High-Low Mesh Skirt

Beautifuly Handcrafted Dancewear from that represents you - Ballet Skirts By Lucinda, London.

Approx 23" back, 13" front, 18" sides (Also available in shorter lengths just message us)


Our UK sizes are based on waist measurement as follows:

Size 2 = 20-21"  Size 4 = 22-23"  Size 6 = 24-25"

Size 8 = 26=27"  Size10= 28-29"  Size12= 30-31"  and so on...

Mid High-Low MESH

  • Made from stretchy Power mesh with a sewn over at the waist.
  • Skirt is cut higher at the front crossing over in a gentle curve infront of the dancer's knee.
  • Skirt tapers to a longer length at the back (23-25") below the knee.


The sizing on my wrap around ballet skirts are determined by the width on the waist and allows for an approximate 7" cross-over. The UK sizes are based on the most common store dress size measurements and are as follows:


Size Chart (UK)

20-21" = Size 2

22-23" = Size 4

24-25" = Size 6

26-27" = Size 8

28-29" = Size 10

30-31" = Size 12

32-33" = Size 14


I want you to be completely happy with your purchase, so please let me know if you feel otherwise and I will always ensure to get the right skirt for you and I promise to answer back the same day !!


All skirts are cut on the BIAS to allow the rise and fall of the fabric to sculpt the dancer's movement - we dont skimp on the fabric!


We can CUSTOM ORDER specific lengths for a pattern surcharge of £5.



My skirts are strong and durable and can be happily washed at 30 degrees in the washing machine in a washing bag (this prevents the ribbons from getting tangled up with everything else). Once washed, shake and hang out to dry as there is no need to iron.