Full Circle Rehearsal Skirt 22"- 24"

Full Circle Rehearsal Skirt 22"- 24"

This Floaty Pull on Rehearsal Skirt is perfect for dancers on the go.


This skirt is cut with a full 360 circle of material and catches the air beautfully.

It's perfect for rehearsing ballroom or waltz numbers as it has more noticable weight that follows motion of your body.


This Skirt comes in 24"/22".

For other Lengths go to either:

  • Full Circle Rehearsal Skirt - 24"/22"
  • Longer Full Circle Rehearsal 27"/30"/32"/35"
  • Pull on Rehearsal Skirt - 24"/22"/27"
  • Reversible Rehearsal Skirt - 24"/27"


For Children we also have :

  • Child's Rehearsal Skirt -18"/20" (Full or Half Circle)
  • Child's Reversible Rehearsal Skirt


We know there is so much choice so if you need any help or guidance please send us a message and we'll get back to you the same day.

Our Pull-on Rehearsal Skirt is perfect for dancers on the go.

- Elasticated waist designed to Pull-on without ribbons ( PERFECT for Partnering )

- Single Seam Circular Skirt cut on the bias and designed to float

- Neat overlocked edging (which waves at the bottom)


Our handcrafted skirts are designed to flatter any figure by lengthening the lines with a simple, clean cut and minimum flare. All skirts are cut on the BIAS to allow the rise and fall of the fabric to sculpt the dancer's movement.



The sizing on my ballet skirts are determined by the width on the waist. The UK sizes are based on the most common store dress size measurements and are as follows:


Size Chart (UK)

20-21" = Size 2 

22-23" = Size 4

24-25" = Size 6 

26-27" = Size 8

28-29" = Size 10

30-31" = Size 12

32-33" = Size 14


I want you to be completely happy with your purchase, so please let me know if you feel otherwise and I will always ensure to get the right skirt for you and I promise to answer back the same day !!


We can CUSTOM ORDER specific lengths for a pattern surcharge of £5.



My skirts are strong and durable and can be happily washed at 30 degrees in the washing machine in a washing bag (this prevents the ribbons from getting tangled up with everything else). Once washed, shake and hang out to dry as there is no need to iron.

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